Fingerprint access control(SBC-829T)
  SBC-829T is one of a wide used access controller in the office, choose
a lotof stable import original parts. Strictly follow the national security
product standard, strictly ageing test before they leave
factory.829T is suitable for the unimportant entrances and exits in
an office or a big company. The biggest advantage of 829T is easy
to install, with good function and low price. It can work either standalone
or connected with PC. Support access control function different time
zone, multi-user, it will give alarm when someone is destroying
it or | wrong close/open the door, the door is opened under a wrong
operation, press the buttons to get in, with doorbell interface, can
give alarms one by one, can send the alarm message when threatened
by hijackers and so on it also has the T& A function. Can work together
with access control software and T & A software.

Technical Specification 

Template 500 
Transaction capacity 30000 
Identification 1:1 or 1:N  Password access
Professional access control function: 50 time quantum, 5 teams,
   ten combinations to open the   door, many users access, and alarm
   link, support standalone.
Electronic lock control: 3A/12VCD relay output
Communication:wiegand26,TCP/IP or RS232 and RS485
Keyboard and display: integrate 80 characters and LCD display and digital keypad
Power: 12 V DC, waiting current: 50MA, working current: 400 Ma
Identification speed: =2 seconds
FRR: =1%
FAR: =0.0001%
Temperature operating: 0C - 45C Humidity operating: 20%-80%
Language: simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English
Size: 180*82*55 Downloads 829T connect 829T Manual

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