32 zone wireless burglar alarm system-ABS-8000-006

Product Description
Intelligent 32 defend Zones Home Security Burglarproof Alarm System

1.10seconds voice and message recorded to transmit an alarm
2. Preset 6 phone numbers which can be dial automatically to inform theft recycling
3. The PIR detector can arm or disarm separately
4. Arm or disarm with remote controller or phone in long-distance under password protection.
5. Alarm phone line has a priority when the phone line is engaged
6. With keyboard preset all functions
7. Alarm when phone line is cut
8. Alarm identify each accessory automatically
9. Double numeral coding and ten thousand of group net integration build-in, anti-interfere
along ten thousand of users simultaneously using each other.
10. With DC /AC available, emergency rechargeable battery and

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